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Love Art, Live Art: Diane Fine

In Diane Fine's world of art, if you can create art, why not make your life a work of art. 

The best example of this philosophy is Diane's own house. She has surrounded herself with colours and beauty in the forms of her paintings, cushions, rugs, lamps, tapestries, furniture, sculptures, quilts, etc. to create a stimulating and uplifting environment.

Rya Rug

Rya Rug (above) is the fifth rug she has created. The first was at 19, when she fell in love with the vibrant Scandinavian rya wool on display at a CNE booth. Her first rug (10' x 6') became a three-year project. Skeins of leftover wool turned into pillows, ottomans, paintings, door frames, upholstery, mirror frames, sculptures, and other rugs.

Staccato, acrylic collage

Jigsaw, needlepoint

Diane attended art schools at Concordia University and University of Toronto. She studied with many illustrious teachers from the post-Plasticien abstract movement in Quebec --- Guido Molinari, Yves Gaucher, and Charles Gagnons. Later, she studied at The Three Schools of Art with multi-disciplinary artist Vera Frankel followed by the Toronto School of Art.

Arabesque Tapestry

Diane originally set out to become a modern dancer, but starting a family early forced her to reconsider her plans. In her twenties, she had a Eureka moment when she noticed how out of breath she became after lugging groceries and children up the stairs. From that point on, fitness became a priority that has lasted a lifetime.

She joined a local fitness centre. When she complained about the low standards of aerobic instructors, the management dared her to come up with something better. A week later she did. And thus, a fitness professional was born. This career has allowed Diane to pursue her first love: art, and remain true to her instincts.

Always fascinated by nature and its elements, Diane has effectively used materials collected from her surroundings in her collages.

Costwold Hills, mixed media collage

"I was cycling down a country lane and noticed the endless patterns of grasses all along the road. I plucked them out and put them in my basket to be pressed into my next collages."

Wake Up Call, charcoal drawing

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, along with her fitness business, Diane worked as a commercial artist, art teacher, and an editorial illustrator. In the 1980s, she wrote and illustrated two health-oriented cookbooks: The Cookie Bookie and Perfect Pies. 

Garden Cottage, charcoal drawing

James Hunt, charcoal drawing

Diane's eyes and the sparkle in them, are what captivate one the most. She exudes an energy that can put twentysomethings to shame. When she speaks about her artwork, she radiates excitement, and one look at the artwork makes it clear that parts of her animated personality have stolen their way into it. 

Youth, acrylic collage

"I prefer the medium of collage as it forces one to abstract and exaggerate. There is an element of play as you viscerally assemble your puzzle."

Diane, acrylic collage

Diane's subject matter is varied. Her landscapes and still lives have been inspired by English gardens, her nudes from years of first hand experience with the body and movement from her dance and fitness disciplines and her portraits from a lifelong fascination with characters and the human psyche. Over the last year she has concentrated on working in abstract acrylic collages.

Hymie, acrylic collage

Up Close and Personal

In Diane's view the creative process has to be liberated from logical interference.

Evanescence, mixed media collage

Repose, acrylic collage

"One must detach the logical brain from the creative process. It's a no-holds-barred approach, almost like an out-of-body experience."

Recline, acrylic collage

All manner of objects, such as decayed organic matter, glasses, textile, sugar, tea bags, scissors, buttons, feathers, and gloves have ended up as elements in her collages, often adding whimsy and humour. 

"I have always loved the freedom of Matisse cutouts and been influenced by the great mixed media collagist Norman Laliberte who glued all manners of objects into his riotously colourful pieces."

Floral Arrangement, mixed media collage

Diane's art allows her to be a child; it allows her to satisfy her sense of wonderment.

London Map and Glasses, mixed media collage

White Glove,mixed media collage

"Art is my salvation. When I am creating art time stops, and I can escape." 

Flowers and Dreams, mixed media collage

In Diane's world of art, creativity is unbridled. Every creation begins from a point of mystery and little is known about the path it will take until it reaches the point when the process culminates into a piece that gives way to a delightful surprise. 

Orchestra, acrylic collage

"The process of creating art is a gift that everyone and anyone can take advantage of." 

Concert, acrylic collage

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  2. All I can say is WOW!! All of Diane's creations are so artistic. The variation in her work is amazing. And I absolutely love the collage work. Great work Diane! Mehreen you have done an amazing job too.

  3. A beautiful site. I am fortunate to have a couple of Diane's creations on my walls and feel moved each time I look at them.

  4. Thank you Mehreen for making the art of Diane Fine better known in its full range. I am a total Diane Fine fan and you have added dimensions I didn't know about. Excellent feature.

  5. Thank you Mehreen for making the art of Diane Fine better known in its full range. I am a total Diane Fine fan and you have added dimensions I didn't know about. Excellent feature.

  6. Thank you everyone for visiting the blog. I truly appreciate your comments. Keep visiting! :)


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