Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Harmony in Creations: Tyla and Lacy Tessier

If ever there was a team of artists working in harmony, it would be the team behind Valiant Bob: Tyla and Lacy Tessier. Moving to Toronto a few years ago, they decided to start their own clothing line. Tyla has been sewing since she was a teenager. She learned the art from her mother and from lessons learned at home, she expanded on her thirst to learn more about putting pieces of cloth together to make dresses from designs she had come up on her own.

On her way to becoming a home-taught fashion designer, she met Lacy, her husband and her best friend. Lacy went to school for graphic designing and ended up supplementing it with fashion designing. Hence, the two came together to produce a clothing line unique in itself.

"Our line consists of hand-picked, vintage, repurposed and organic," says Lacy, proud of the fact that they have broken away from mainstream fashion designing and are carving their own niche.

Tyla repurposes vintage clothes and uses designs that were once popular to come up with designs and cuts that strike a chord with fashion lovers in the current day.

"All I need to do is touch the cloth, and I can tell how good the quality of the cloth is. I don't like choosing anything that may be too flimsy or too thick to work with. It has to be just the right amount of cotton," said Tyla.

The prints Tyla chooses have a flavour of spring cheerfulness in them. The current line of dresses includes floral prints in bright and attractive colours.

"I always choose the dress I would choose for myself. I would never choose anything I would refuse to wear myself," said Tyla, her smile radiating a genuine warmth.

They have also recently introduced shoes under their label and are thinking of including a whole new winter line as well.

"We're not about making big bucks. We're trying to make a difference in the industry. Tyla and I agree on this wholeheartedly; we are trying our best to repurpose as much as possible and to use organic cotton so we can reduce our carbon print," explained Lacy.

Organic cotton is produced on farms that specialize in using environment-friendly methods of farming. The fertilizer used on on these farms is organic as well, and the workers are paid a fair wage. Tyla and Lacy purchase organic cotton from Australia and have recently made contact with a supplier in Ontario who re-distributes organic cotton received from all over the world.

Their modest home studio houses three industrial-size machines and one domestic sewing machine. Tyla prefers working on her domestic sewing machine, but she is equally capable of handling the industrial-size machines as well. Like an expert, Lacy puts the finishing touches on the clothes. Using the serger to cut and finish edges, and the hemming machine to give a clean finished look to the piece.

Tyla and Lacy are proficient and dexterous with their designing. Taking an old piece of clothing from an entirely different era, cutting and re-designing it to produce current-day trendy clothes is not everyone's cup of tea.

Tyla Tessier
Lacy Tessier

The secret to their success: harmony. The energy between Tyla and Lacy flows serenely. They confer and concur with ease and impressive gentility. It is this very harmony present between them that flows into their creations and makes the clothes elegant, charming, and glamourous.

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