Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Bohemian Rhapsody in Art: Alannah Mason

Wonder of wonders and talents galore, Alannah Mason creates art wrapped in a whirlwind of energy turning everything she touches into treasure. During childhood, books and colours kept her engrossed and entertained, early exposure to colours helped burgeon Alannah’s inherent tendency to produce art with an ease reminiscent of flowers blooming in the wild. Competing with her sister when they were both young gave Alannah ample practice, and ultimately the experience to turn art into her career choice. 

New York Before 9/11

I became so good at photo renditions that I could draw just by looking at an image and scaling it without any tools, even from very small to incredibly large.

Aquatic Goddess

Her gypsy life style helped her pick up talents from all around the world. She met people of different backgrounds and absorbed every potential and craft she could. Her ability to morph art and present it with her stamp of individuality gives her a new visage with every form of art she creates. 


“My creative process is elaborate because I wear so many masks.”

Painting a Newsstand for the City

Alannah’s repertoire is vast and all of it is self-taught. At school, she was sought after by friends for calligraphic tasks and for painting the back drop for school plays. At the same time, she developed her unique style of embellishing the female form with colours. This is now her signature move, along with her unique belly dancing steps. On her trip to Egypt, she became spellbound by the Egyptians and their ability to have magicked art as if out of thin air. During the same trip she was bewitched by the pyramids and the beauty and luxury of the female form. 


Alannah gives a face to women’s alter egos. She dons her own alter ego when she dons her Isis wings, veils, fans, swords, candelabra, or Shamedan plate to perform at an event. The form of art that is closest to her heart is dance; it is the time when she can let the music take over. Just like music, art flows through her veins and she relishes her freedom to create. 


Anything that gives me the freedom to create liberally with a brush and use a magnitude of colour increases my thirst for creativity.

Alannah Mason in Robert MacNeil's "Zahra" Series

When we asked Alannah what her dream event as a host would be like? Her eyes shone and the smile that appeared on her face said it all. It was like a million fireflies had been released into the night sky and the brilliance outshone even the brightest starlit sky. And here is what made her shine like a star:

I will host a Fashion Extravaganza in a castle. Showcasing body-painted models on platforms wearing painted fashion by a variety of artists; the models will act as live sculptures. A series of models revealing high fashion by world-renowned designers will enter the showroom by coming down a dual set of staircases revealing international couture. There would be fire breathers and magicians entertaining the crowd, aerial dancers hanging from the ceiling, a samurai performance, an art auction, hors d’oeuvres, sushi and cocktail bars, belly dance intermission, and an ice sculpture (serving drinks) similar to one of Alexander McQueen’s classic designs.

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  1. I love Alannah's work. She has used such vivid colours that its a treat to just look at them.

  2. Alannah's talent is God gifted.She is a mature artist and the way she has used different colours to express herself is self explanatory.

  3. I love the New York Before 9/11 painting. It's how I've always envisioned New York City. That will always be New York City for me.


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