Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Original Chromatic Aberration: Robert MacNeil

What's next for someone who has repeatedly been published locally and worldwide? More and better! For Robert MacNeil, the search for more and better never ends. His art reflects the constant redoing of ideas; he seeks to define and redefine art in new manners everyday. 

I go through phases; some days I run around, shoot everything and anything.ˮ

His camera is his best friend. It goes everywhere with him, well, almost everywhere! His artistic eye captures objects the way others only wish they could see. Good for us, his camera makes that easy for us. The duo, Robert and his camera, wander places in search of untouched pieces of art. He has found them, mostly, in nature. 

Forbidden Places

Although he has photographed every aspect of nature imaginable, it is the ability to create a fluid image that makes his art definitive. Carrying artistic influences from surrealist master Salvador Dali, what Dali expressed on the canvas using paints and brushes, Robert expresses using the lens of his camera. 


Using his capable artistic vision, he captures remarkable images that present fluidity as it occurs naturally. His work compels the viewer to submerge into the world of art. Like all art, the viewing eye is able to see the symbol beyond the physical appearance in front of him. 

The viewer is my passenger in these images. I leave it up to the viewer to see what they see.ˮ

The story Robert wants to tell may be different from the story the viewer puts together from viewing his work. The story, like his art, will live just as nature lives all around us. Robert's relationship with his camera goes beyond the current advent of technology and photographic mixing. He has very successfully fused technology with his work, eventually giving the viewer more than just a composition of symbols: a masterpiece


Within just the last month Robert's work has been published in magazines around the world in the following publications

You can follow Robert MacNeil on Twitter: @mycamerahatesme and view more of his work: 

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