Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dance of the Flowers: Suzanne Gardner

A stroll through her vision,
A walk through her garden,
Dip your hand in the colours,
Steal dreams and treasures.

Of those who find strength in adversity, and those who define themselves by determination and dauntless courage, we find ourselves in the company of passion: Suzanne Gardner. From time immemorial there exists in the artistʼs eye the vision of what she wants to draw. For Suzanne, even though that vision exists only partially, the ardour exists in abundance. And that is what we see in each work of art. 

“At seven-years-old, I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Much later in life I began losing my vision because of it. An art course I took for fun gave me such profound joy that I decided this was what I needed to do.ˮ

Suzanneʼs Exhibit at Arts Market
Lost In Love
To Make You Laugh

Whether it was time spent painting as a child while lying in a hospital bed, or the sheer urge to preserve what she was losing, Suzanne took to painting, it seems, not only for herself but also to titillate us with her art.  Her most beloved themes to capture include flowers and landscapes.  She revels in producing on canvas what she believes has brought fervour back to her life: colours. To us, the colours speak of how brilliant her vision actually is. 

“I try to branch into other directions, but I am always brought back to flowers and landscapes because of the beautiful colours and flows.ˮ

Of her paintings Suzanne says, In the paintings: Lost In Love and To Make You Laugh, I use paint and direction to create movement. In each painting, the flowers allow me to blend colours and create beauty on canvas.ˮ 

Flowers remind me of people moving together—like it's a dance.ˮ

I live my days rapt in a waltz,
Flowers are my partner and colour their guise, 
Come join the dance,
And rejoice in trance.

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  1. Lost in Love and To Make You Laugh are both exquisite pieces of art. The mixing of colours gives a life like appearance to the flowers.


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